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We are a lifestyle company, inspired by ideas that promise more comfort convenience fun and peace of mind for our customers. We are constantly driven to find ways to live smarter. Our products & solutions are designed to upgrade your lifestyle as they are made exclusively for you and your space. We make your life quicker easier, smarter and Better with KNACK SMART HOMES which we feel is the correct.

Our mission is to make people’s home smart as much as they are, we are here to serve revolutionary recipe of technology to everyone who dare to live life in amazing style and who loves to come back their sweet home after every hard working day.

Tools for Success


The Magic Of Ideas

we have ideas which are more than magic itself. We can promise or setup is beyond imagination for example a person who is one generation older than us will be amazed to see your home, he will definitely say you guys are living in heaven. To summarise all of this I would like to say, “You think we create” thank you.



when will listen word SMART, it is obvious that we think something amazing or magical gonna happen in front of us so we are company of our words and we are here to convert imagination into reality.


Easy To Customize

We make things as easy as you would be able to customize your home gadgets by their unique Nick names no need to use technical words while operating them through voice you could define your gadgets like pets.

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