Why Do People Think ! smart Homes are a Good Idea?

Hello everyone there.  In this modern era, people have a quite hustle bustle life. This is making humans feel like their life has become a bit complex in doing small things. smart homes or automated homes (future homes) are the only solutions to manage everything on the one GO in a minimum amount of time.

For example, when a person reaches his or her house after finishing his hectic day, they find that there both hands are busy carrying either their smartphones or in some or other thing. They face some small problems in opening their doors, switching on their home appliances like lights, fan, A/C, etc. Has anyone thought that what could be the possible solution for it? I am pretty much sure that, you might have heard about “Smart Homes “or “Automated homes”. Trust us you will start living in a future Homes and these smart homes will become an essential part of your life as like a smartphone.

Just imagine, if you can control almost every electronic gadget in your house, along with non-electronic gadgets like a door, tap water, shower, etc. with just one APP. And that APP would be very much easy, accurate as well as reliable to control your fully automated homes. After listening to this, you might think that this would be very much complex well as your older home appliances would have to be changed in the process of converting ordinary homes into smart homes.

Wait! This is not that complex and no preexisting gadgets will be replaced in this. Okay…… At this sudden moment, you might feel that how this could be possible, and your thinking right now is completely acceptable. This is the reason today I am here so that I can explain to you that how could you achieve it. Our company (https://www.knacksmarthomes.com) does it for you. We will just replace your traditional switches with our touch-enabled smart switches.

Let me tell you one thing, after installing this system, it is so easy that you will be able to access and everything with your smartphone which you use daily and you do not have to install 4 to 5 different applications in your smartphone, unlike other systems which are currently available in the market. You just have to use only one application that will be provided to you and that application will provide you a 3-D & 2-D model of your own house. And let me tell you, this is the easiest interface in the world.

We are glad to inform you that we are the only company right now in the world that provides this kind of service in one single application along with a 3-D model. You won’t believe that this interface is so so damn easy that, even a small child of 2 years can operate this system very much easily. Also, you can operate this from any corner of the world.

I repeat you can use this system from any corner of the world

For example, if you are willing to switch on the A/C, you just have to navigate yourself through the 3-D model of your smart homes in your smartphone and just click on to A/C icon and the A/C switch will be on. Similarly, for controlling the temperature, you just have to tap and hold on to the A/C icon in your phone and a remote UI will be popped up to control the temperature. In the same manner, other appliances like lights, shower, projector, etc. will be operated.

Now we will be discussing some wonderful features of our system. Our system will create no extra wiring and alterations in your house and you will be wondering that it just takes 1 hour to automate a 2BHK flat. This whole system can also be controller by very famous voice assistants like Google Home, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, etc. The bottom line is that you will be able to talk to your automated homes.

Our company is not just limited to individual houses but also able to cover corporate companies, big complexes, and other infrastructures to make them smart homes or automated homes.

This whole article leads us towards the future homes or automated homes.

“your home is just not a place to eat sleep and repeat now it’ll be one of your family members named as my smart homes ”
As everybody knows we are becoming more comfortable doing our tasks on automated platforms rather than our primitive acts, then let’s give our self a chance to adapt to this system of an automated home. THANK YOU……!

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